Promise Tomorrow

Brendan Duggan and Michael Garfinkle composed “Promise Tomorrow” in memory of their classmate and friend Roee Grutman, 17, who in February became the third teenager in Newton to commit suicide this school year.

“Sat there for hours and I swear I didn’t move

What to say what to think — it was all in my head

Hundred thousand different thoughts laid right on my bed

As my mind starts to think — was it something I said?”

The lyrics also flowed like never before for Garfinkle:

“It’s sad to see my friend’s heart break,

’Cause that heart break turns to heartache

Some stop living life too soon, but for those who start late

It’s never too late to start.”

Duggan and Garfinkle set their lyrics to a sample by MbSound of the Beatles’ “A Day In The Life.” The video was directed and edited by Alexi Reibman, a junior at Newton North. From The Boston Globe

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