Dan Ascadi Guitar teacher Nonantum Newton Boston ILoveNewton I Love Newton best

Best Tutors, Private Coaches, Music Teachers etc.

Dan Ascadi Guitar teacher Nonantum Newton Boston ILoveNewton I Love Newton best

I hate to tell you how many tutors I hire for my 3 kids. It’s a little embarrassing because it’s quite a lot but I do use tutors to teach my kids things that I can not and/or to help them when they don’t want my help. I am known to do a long, investigative search to find the right match for my kids so I decided to share my Rolodex of Newton Tutors, Teachers and Coaches. I am sure there are other wonderful ones out there. Will you share? Please do by leaving  a comment and I’ll update the list.

Requests for Referrals:

— My Mom Friend Melissa is seeking a Voice coach for her 6th grade daughter.

— My Mom Friend Penny is seeking a piano teacher for her 4th grade daughter.

p.s. A great source for an academic tutor: hire from a school that your child doesn’t attend. Ask your teacher for referrals!

p.p.s Here’s a post on How To: Select a Music Teacher


Best Flute Teacher: Barbara Nakazawa (Newton Highlands)

Best Classical Guitar Teacher: Dan Ascadi (Nonantum)

Best Soccer Private Coach: Ahead of the Game

Best Academic (Math but also other subjects) Peer Tutor: Lily Skerjl (email me for her info, she’s an 8th grader and she tutors my 6th grader)

Best Math or Reading Tutors for Boys: Hire teachers from Fessenden School

Best Spanish Tutor: Spanish by Martha.

Best Mandarin Chinese Tutor: Stella Pan (email me for her info, no website)

Cynthia Carpenter for Reading:

I’m a “retired” Brookline, Lexington, and Concord and New York City teacher, with 30 years experience teaching grades Pre-K through high school.  In addition to having taught in elementary classrooms and as a middle and high school English teacher, I’m a certified Reading Specialist (providing consulting to teachers, direct support to students, and doing diagnostic testing.)

I have a Master’s + 70 post-grad credits in Education, Comparative Literature, and Art History, and my classrooms have served as placement sites for many student teachers.  I am especially interested in multicultural teaching, received a Lowell Scholarship to study Linguistics at Harvard, and am listed as an “executive functioning” specialist on the Concord SEPAC website.

Cynthia Carpenter
(978) 952-8871


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