How Do Artists Create?, Make Do, Lisa Rosowsky

How Do Artists Create? Make Do

If you are interested in artists’ process, here is a short documentary film (about 30 min.) by a young filmmaker, Brian Frank, who set out across the country to interview artists in different media about the idea of “Make do” in their work and processes.

My friend, Lisa Rosowsky, is one of the people he interviewed, and you can see her working in her studio a bit.  Enjoy!

Lisa Rosowsky has been on the faculty at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design since 1996, where she teaches graphic design, typography, and book design. She earned her AB from Harvard College and an MFA in Graphic Design from Yale University. She produces mixed-media work in her studio in a converted factory building near Boston, Massachusetts.

How Do Artists Create?, Make Do, Lisa Rosowsky



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