BU AWARE Study Seeks Asian Women of Immigrants

BU AWARE Study Seeks Asian Women of Immigrants

AWARE: Confidential intervention study for Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese women who are children of immigrants.

Women who are participating in our study will be compensated $20 for each session as well as for each evaluation session. AWARE also provides transportation costs per session.

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Asian Women’s Action for Resilience and Empowerment (AWARE)

What is AWARE ?

AWARE grew out of stories we heard from Asian-American young women – diverse individuals who are traversing two worlds (the mainstream American culture and their parents’ culture) while navigating the challenges of young adulthood.  Despite the adversities many of them have faced and their ongoing struggles, they are a group of vibrant, complex individuals with significant strengths.  Our work is dedicated to the women we’ve interviewed, as well as all Asian-American young women, with the hope that they will grasp their inherent worth and beauty, as well as grow in resilience and empowerment.

We would like Chinese-American, Vietnamese-American or Korean-American women to participate in a clinical trial to develop the full AWARE intervention by participating in a group psychotherapy intervention with other Asian-American women. Sessions will integrate the issues of culture, family, and gender which speak to Asian-American women. The essence of this treatment will highlight safety, empowerment, and will help participants develop coping skills.


Be Aware of AWARE

Call: (617)-358-5148

Email: sswaware@bu.edu

BU AWARE Study Seeks Asian Women of Immigrants

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