Poland Spring One Fund Cheer Fundraiser

Cheer at Mile 19 to Raise Money for One Fund

This year, Poland Spring, the Official Bottled Water of the Boston Marathon, is committed to helping raise the spirits of spectators and those running the race.

Not only will Poland Spring be there handing out water to make sure runners stay hydrated, they’ve also commissioned a “Cheer Meter” at Mile 19 – an interactive installation that will measure and visually represent the crowd’s cheers and encouragement.


Mile 19 is Commonwealth Avenue

Rte. 30-Commonwealth Ave.

The upscale suburb of Newton is home to perhaps the most famous slope in all of running, Heartbreak Hill. Actually, Heartbreak is the last of seven hills in Newton, ranging from mile 16 to mile 21. They’re not particularly steep but they come at a psychologically difficult time.


The area between Lowell and Beaumont Avenue is a prime viewing spot for those who find the Commonwealth Avenue area a bit crowded, as is the lawn in front of City Hall a short way down and anywhere along the route up to Walnut Drive in the City Hall Pond area. from Boston.com



Poland Spring will make an incremental donation of up to $10,000 to One Fund Boston (they have already committed to $250,000) based on how loud the cheers get. Individuals and groups will have the opportunity to cheer on runners and see those cheers tally dollar donations towards the $10,000 goal.

Poland Spring One Fund Cheer Fundraiser

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