NewTV Fall Class Schedule

New Fall Classes at NewTV

The Art of the Interview

Instructor: John DiThomas of Rough Water Films

An introductory course for the documentary filmmaker. This course includes choosing your subjects, tips on creative questions, discovering interview styles, lighting and audio techniques, location selection and a psychological understanding of the interview process.

Fee: $25; Wednesday, November 6, 7pm


Film Composition


Have you ever asked yourself while watching a production, “What makes a good shot?” This one-day course teaches you proper composition when filming and details the various shots used during a shoot.

Fee: $25; Thursday, November 21, 7pm

Social Media and You

Instructor: Melanie Graham of Dana-Farber

The internet opens up a world of resources for you to better promote yourself and your projects. This course introduces to you some of the wide variety of options, from Facebook to Twitter, and how to best use them.

Fee: $25; Monday, November 18, 7pm

Instructors: Gabriel Polonsky

Animation is everywhere, but how is it created? This fun yet intensive course covers basic to intermediate 2D animation, the way it is done by professionals in the industry. You will learn to create traditional character animation with ADOBE Flash and Photoshop, including: ‘keying and in-betweening,’ composing scenes, acting, timing, designing characters that walk, talk, and create an animated short film for your demo reel. The valuable skills you will learn can be applied to 2D and 3D animation.  This is a 13-week extensive workshop. Fee: $50; Tuesday, November 26th, 7pm

NewTV Fall Class Schedule

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