Mindy's cooking classes for kids Newton MA

Cooking Classes for Kids from Mindy’s Cooking

Mindy Sherbet, owner of Mindy’s Cooking, LLC.   offers workshops, classes and private instruction in her home or in your home or venue.  Mindy is a professional chef with many years experience teaching kids and adults in a variety of settings.

Mindy's cooking classes for kids Newton MA

Currently she is offering programs to elementary school students in small groups in her home on Tuesdays from 1-3pm for a cost of $50 per week.  Sign up for those is on a monthly basis.  Custom classes are available so you can come with your own group of 4.

cooking classes for kids Newton MA

She also teaches on early release Thursdays, from 12:45-3:30.

The format of those classes is a 2 or 3-dish class where kids use a wide variety of kitchen equipment and tools and learn everything from hygiene and proper knife skills to more advanced techniques.  They prepare and cook a delicious, nutritious meal where everyone is encouraged to taste everything.

Her goal is to get kids to try foods they wouldn’t normally be interested in so they increase their palate and contribute to a well-rounded diet.  “Kids who prepare what they are asked to eat have a higher rate of adopting those foods into their repertoire”, says Mindy, a Newton mom of 3.  “While not every child is going to ask for brussel sprouts for dinner, they may be willing to taste them when they see their friends doing it and having fun in the process”.

kids cooking classes in newton ma

Mindy’s Cooking also teaches adults and is available for private parties as either a demonstration class or full-participation.  Upcoming classes include a Valentine’s Day-themed edible treats class on Tuesday, February 11th, 1-3pm.

To sign up, either email Mindy at Mindyscooking@gmail.com or by cell 973-420-6190.

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    I would love to take a class with Mindy – Let’s get a group together!

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