Rondina New York

New Direct Sales Opportunity with Fine Knitwear Company

My friend Julie told me about her friend Eve who is involved in a new business called Rondina New York (RNY) that is  based out of New York City.  It’s a new direct sales startup of fine knitwear for women.

Rondina New York

She is looking for 15 women to launch the company in New England by becoming Stylists.  Stylists are women who have networks with women who would likely enjoy the opportunity to buy exclusive, quality tops that she cannot find in any store.  Stylists will host shows in their homes or other private settings showcasing 100 styles of unique tops that one can wear to work, on the weekend or even to events.

Guests will be able to see, touch and try sweaters during the show.  All orders will placed on site and delivered to the customer within two days. For those who cannot  make a show,  Stylists will also have their own websites from which they can sell.  Stylists earn up to 25% commission on all pieces they sell through a show.

Rondina New York

In general,  Some Stylists will sell product on their own and host with friends.  Some will invite others  to join them in the business, as this can generate long-term income as you earn commission on your team’s sales as well.  Every Stylist can build their business as quickly as they want, or as slowly as they like.  It is an ideal opportunity for someone who needs a flexible schedule, likes to network and have social time with women and who wants to earn real money!

The Rondina product is  exclusive knitwear;  think cozy sweaters for winter made of cashmere and wool, or cotton and modal blends (for those allergic to wool) to soft, elegant and easy knit tops that will take you into warmer months.  All yarns are from the finest mills in Italy, all designed in New York by Bill Rondina who,  as the founder and former owner of Carlisle, Per Se and Etcetera lines,  has worked with designing and importing fine women’s wear for over 30 years.

Rondina New York

You will find styles for every body type, from short and cropped to long and flowing style,  all available in sizes XS to XL.  Styles range from pieces one could wear to a professional office to ones that are ideal for casual weekend wear.  Each collection will also include select items designed for special events.  The average price point is $200 with items beginning as low at $135 and going up no higher than $495.

Eve is one of 12 Business Developers selected to help launch this business.  She is in charge of the North East, specifically MA but can reach into neighboring states as well as, New York and Connecticut for now.


Ground Floor Opportunity with Rondina New York

Eve is  looking for 15 women in this specific region who will be able to host shows in the soft launch planned for April, 2014 through July 2014,  thereby having the exclusive opportunity to be on the ground floor of what we believe will be a most exciting and successful new fashion companies ever. The full launch will be in Fall, 2014 at which point she can start to develop teams in states other than New England.

To learn more, please contact Eve at

Eve has been in the fashion business for over 30 years.  After receiving her BA from Stanford University, she completed the Executive Training Program with Macy’s California and pursued a career in NYC, first as a Corporate Buyer with Macy’s and then as Director of Retail and Fashion Merchandising for Liz Claiborne, Inc.  In 1993, she moved with her husband Jon and her three sons to Brookline where she became the first Clientele Specialist for Banana Republic in Chestnut Hill, MA.  After 15 years there, she branched off to become a personal stylist, working with clients in their homes, with retailers all around Boston and also direct selling the fashion line Etcetera.  In addition to her love of fashion, she is passionate about the ballet having trained at the School of American Ballet in NYC and danced with the New York City Ballet.  Currently, she sits on the Boards of Boston Ballet and the Boston Arts Academy.

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