FREE Gem Curriculum for Teachers

FREE Gem/Rock Curriculum for Teachers

Third through fifth grade teachers have a new colorful way to engage and excite students about geology, minerology and gemology through GIA’s new GemKids for Schools curriculum. From volcanoes spewing lava to digging for hidden jewels, students can roll up their sleeves to discover science lessons hidden deep within the Earth. Best of all, this cross-curricular and standards-based program is free to download.

FREE Gem Curriculum for Teachers

Created by GIA, the global leader in gemological education and research since 1931, GemKids for Schools provides students with big-picture connections between nature, human industry, arts and culture. The program covers how gems are formed in nature, the different methods used to mine them, how civilizations have valued gems throughout history, and much more. By studying gems, students will explore the history of our planet, have more conversations about the intersecting worlds of business and culture, and better understand the changing definitions of beauty and value.

GemKids for Schools is a great way to instill a passion for learning about science and how it connects to the history of the world. The curriculum is designed to complement existing elementary school Earth science programs and requirements in the U.S. Teachers and parents can find out more by visiting here. The curriculum is available there to download completely free of charge.

GIA is an 84-year old nonprofit institute dedicated to ensuring the public trust in gems and jewelry through research, education and laboratory services. GemKids for Schools is funded by the GIA endowment, which supports education and scholarship programs.


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