GELF Fundraiser Dinner

GELF Fundraiser Dinner: March 21st

It is the GELF time of year again.  Katya Salkever will once again be cooking, Jen and principals will be serving, the fabulous Katani Sumner and band will once again be playing.
This year we will have beer pairings (there will be wine for the non-beer drinkers) from Sam Adams- and Jim Koch the co-founder and owner will be selecting and introducing each beer.
The Event is March 21st.
As always it is an unbelievable cause-  that is only made possible by your generosity.  Over the years, together we have raised $170,000 and have funded the exchange travel of 160 students who otherwise could not have afforded to go!
So here is a link to the website.  If you can’t go but would still like to support GELF consider purchasing a teacher ticket or making a donation directly to GELF (both can be found on the website linked below).
This means a great deal to Jen, Katya, and so many others in the Newton Schools community! Looking forward to seeing you there!
GELF Fundraiser Dinner


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