GIVEAWAY: 3 Thirty Minute Massages from Move Well Chiropractic!

Please welcome Dr. David Oliver from Move Well Chiropractic, formerly known as Newton Wellness Center on what the name change means to him. And don’t forget to LIKE his Facebook page to win a thirty minute massage!


I decide to change the name of my office for several reasons. There are a couple other offices in Newton with very similar names and I thought it would be good to help distinguish my practice from theirs. I also wanted something that better represented what my type of practice is all about. The experience someone has when they go to one chiropractor vs another can be completely different. There are many different philosophies and methods of practice today, and I want people to be as informed as possible when choosing who to go see.

My style of practice is focused on providing more than just chiropractic adjustments alone. Chiropractic adjustments are excellent at restoring mobility and alleviating someone’s discomfort. And that is where treatment typically begins. But I have found that unless we take it further the persons problems usually will reoccur.  We need to discover why they are in pain to begin with – what truly is causing the pain? 
Many times it comes down to the things we do day in and day out. Whether it’s sitting at a computer for 8 hours a day or running around, driving kids to and from different activities. The positions we put ourselves in on a daily basis play a huge roll in how healthy and functional our bodies are. Sitting at a computer for instance (which many of us do for several hours a day) is detrimental to our bodies. The seated position places our spines under a lot of stress, which over time creates injuries. By teaching people proper ways to sit and work at their computers (ergonomics) many of these issues can be avoided.
Other things we do on a daily basis that we think of as harmless, could actually be causing some problems for us. For example, bending over to tie our shoes, driving in you car, bending to pick up your children, gardening,  or even sleeping can be problematic for our spine. Doing these simple things may not bother us at the moment but over time they can actually lead to injury. Learning to do such things with better efficiency will lead to a more pain free and enjoyable life.
Another huge part of the reason so many people have recurring pain is due to the way they are treating their bodies. Either they aren’t doing any physical activity at all, causing their bodies to not be prepared for what it needs to do. Or they are doing exercise and trying to take care of themselves. Unfortunately many times the exercises and routines people choose are actually contributing to their problems (ie. situps). Situps for instance have long been looked at at improving spinal strength and being good for us. The research unfortunately does not support this. Each situp done places 700 lbs of pressure in the lower spine! Doing this repeatedly is only asking for trouble. There are plenty of other exercises which we can do to strengthen our abs and core without sacrificing our spine.  By teaching people better/safer exercises and how to perform them properly in my office they are better prepared to engage in physical activity at home.
My goal is not to have my patients become dependent on me.  I hope everyone learns from what I can teach them and it helps to eliminate the major episodes of pain which greatly interfere with their lives. By teaching and incorporating therapeutic exercise into my treatment I can prepare my patients to be able to take care of themselves once treatment is over. They shouldn’t have to rely on getting adjusted to feel better, we all posses the ability to take care of our own bodies!
I encourage everyone (whether you are new to chiropractic and curious or you have tried it with another doctor but didn’t get the results you were looking for)  to give my office a call. I would love to sit down for a free consultation so you can better understand what it is I may be able to offer you and decide for yourself if it is something you would like to try.

As a way to celebrate the office change and our new Facebook page we will be giving away three – 30 minute massages. Anyone who Likes our new Facebook page before the end of May will be entered.

Yours in Health,
Dr David Oliver

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10 Responses to “GIVEAWAY: 3 Thirty Minute Massages from Move Well Chiropractic!”
  1. Capability says:

    Great post – I know when I have been on the computer too long because my back tells me so!

    • Pragmatic Mom says:

      Hi Capability Mom,
      You are entered to win! As a blogger, you deserve to win the massage for the hours you spend on the computer. Good luck!

      • roberta says:

        Interesting comment about sit ups! I always suspected so but didn’t realize it was equivalent to 700 lbs. Yikes!

        • Pragmatic Mom says:

          Hi Roberta,
          I had no idea about sit ups either. Good thing I never do any! :). You are entered to win!

  2. Tim Nelson says:

    My job involved a lot of lifting.. I’d love to give my back some much needed tlc

  3. KJ says:

    Mia, thanks for the heads up about the massage opportunity. I love massages and am always looking for new therapists, so maybe this will work out.

    • Pragmatic Mom says:

      Hi KJ,
      You are so welcome. He’s great and I hear his massage therapist is great too. You are entered to win. 3 Winners so you have an excellent chance to win!

  4. Julie says:

    Sign me up! I’ve had recurring neck & back trouble for months now…would love to win a massage!

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