Institutional Racism in Schools and Workplaces

How To Have An Informed Conversation About Racism In America Without Sounding Racist

Racism in the United States continues to be a huge problem, especially because so many people refuse to acknowledge that it exists, but do you ever think maybe that’s because the media focuses too much on the wrong kinds of racism? How does systemic racism factor into this? How does racism work?

Here’s an example: In Disney’s animated blockbuster movie, Mulan, why does Mulan’s father speak English with a Chinese accent?!!

He is Chinese.

He lives in long-ago China.

Is this to imply that he spoke Chinese with an American accent?

Is it to make him seem foreign in his own home country?

I would like to note that Mulan speaks English without a Chinese accent. Apparently, she did not spend time in an American boarding school.

Or is this institutionalized racism? You tell me.

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