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J Briggs & Co. and a Once Upon a Fine Jewelry Story

There has been a lot of publicity directed toward women in business and why it’s important for women to support each other and work together to make a difference. We all desire to do the best by our families and at the same time be happy and true to ourselves. Not an easy feat, but I know one woman working very hard to accomplish it all!

Jennifer Briggs Jenkins, jewelry designer extraordinaire, mother of two, and owner of J Briggs & Co.  Jen is an accomplished artist who harnesses her passion, spirit and design talents to create beyond beautiful fine jewelry. Just look at these stunning pieces:

Jen’s pieces are unique, timeless and made with a quality and attention to detail you cannot find in most jewelry stores.  Her designs are all original, versatile and crafted to make the women who wear them sparkle.

What makes J Briggs & Co unique and the best place to find something special?

I asked Jen, with so many options to buy jewelry. “To me, my work is much more than creating and selling jewelry.  Jewelry represents our personal style and the pieces we wear can remind us of important moments and people in our lives. When I design a piece, I am emotionally invested and know what I am creating will mean something extra special to the person who wears it.”

Jen takes tremendous pride in all her designs.  “When someone entrusts me to create a special piece, I take that responsibility very seriously.”

She tells me, “It is imperative my clients have complete confidence and trust that we will deliver that heirloom piece they have been envisioning.  Our mission is to try to always exceed their expectations.

The Ability to Customize Each Piece of Jewelry

Is this really true?  Jen answers, “Yes, each piece is made to order to each customer’s specifications. You can choose the metal alloy (white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, etc), gemstone combination & engraving, allowing you to personalize your jewelry in many ways.  I also work with clients to make other modifications or create completely custom pieces.”  Jen listens to each customer ~ considers their vision, ideas, stories and lifestyle to create amazing jewelry.

Check out her custom gallery online.  This is one of my favorite custom rings she designed for a client incorporating an heirloom diamond that was in a setting not suited for the new wearer. When the customer first put the new ring on her finger, she said “I feel like the queen of England!”. These are the reactions Jen lives for.

After working in many jewelry store settings, Jen discovered she could offer something better for those people seeking fine jewelry they could not find in a traditional jewelry store. What she learned was that there were sales associates, managers and craftsmen offering to sell something special- but not a designer or artist to create the vision.

Jen believes jewelry making is an art and the key to creating exceptional pieces is combining traditional craftsmanship and technology with the vision of an artist.  She does not shy away from designs that may take extra time and attention to finish. She utilizes leading technology like CAD & CAM software (computer aided design and manufacturing), master craftsmen and hand engravers.  The raised letters on the backs of these pendants are an example of a process Jen incorporates into her designs most jewelers do not offer clients.

J Briggs & Co is the perfect find right before Mother’s Day!!  I am compiling my wish list now and have already ordered something special for my mom.

Check out Jen’s website and her special Mother’s Day Promotion.   Support this growing mom owned business with beyond beautiful jewelry!


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