Newton #315 for College Experience

Newton #315 for College Experience (#12 worst)

Newton #315 for College Experience With college-application deadlines approaching and campus tours in the offing, WalletHub ranked 326 U.S. cities and towns that promise the best combination of academic, social and economic opportunities for students.


Here’s what Wallethub ranked the college experience in Newton, with 1 being the best, and 163 average:

315th – Adjusted Cost of Living for Young People
96th – Quality of Higher Education
217th – Cost of Higher Education
297th – Number of Nightlife Options per Capita
133rd – Percentage of Part-Time Jobs
198th – Brain Drain
42nd – City Accessibility
158th – Student Gender Balance
83rd – Number of Students per Capita

Newton ranked #315 out of #326


Top 10 Best College Cities & Towns in America:

10. Columbia, MO

9. Cambridge, MA

8. Austin, TX

7. Atlanta, GA

6. Pittsburgh, PA

5. Gainesville, FL

4. Provo, UT

3. Iowa City, IA

2. College Station, TX

  1. Ann Arbor, MI
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