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Help Someone in Need in Newton Community

Day Family In Need of Assistance

Hello Day Families!

My name is Cora – I went through Franklin, Day Middle School and graduated from Newton North. I have two younger siblings- Jack Kayser in 4th grade at Franklin, and Mikayla Kayser in 8th grade at Day.

Our mother, Rebecca Willis Kayser, recently underwent 4 major abdominal surgeries due to a series of complications, and has been out of work since mid-December. While all paperwork for short term disability has been filed, none of the checks have been released.

As a gift to her I have created a Go Fund Me account to try to lessen the burden through this difficult time. Contributions of any denomination would be greatly appreciated to help her get over this hump!

Feel free to respond to or pass along the link.

Thank you!

Cora Spillman

Help Someone in Need

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