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Newton Girls Soccer: Referee Jobs for Girls in Grades 6-8

Newton Girls Soccer
Training Dates for NGS Prospective Intramural Soccer Referees
This message concerns training for those youth wishing to become new intramural referees.1.  Training consists of two parts: a 2-hour instructional clinic and an on-field observation session. Both parts must be completed if one wishes to become a referee:The first part, the instructional clinic, will be held:

Wednesday, April 4, from 7-9 PM, at Oak Hill Middle School

(exact room # to be posted on the outer doors at the time of the clinic).

The second part is the observation session.  It involves watching and asking questions of an experienced referee as he works second grade games. This will take place the first week of the season – Saturday afternoon, April 7th. The exact time and location is not known yet, but there are likely to be 3 sessions, probably at the Brown/Oak Hill fields, in the 12:00-5:00 PM range. You should plan on spending about an hour and a half at one of these sessions so that you can watch one full game. Since this is the general time frame of the games you would be eligible to ref, if you expect to be ‘booked’ for much of Saturday afternoons, reffing may not be right for you at this time.  If you can’t make the April 7 (or if we’re rained out) observation sessions will be held in subsequent weeks (but can’t continue indefinitely).

2.      We are only able to accommodate a limited number of students, with priority given to those closed out from previous year(s). If you are interested in attending you must e-mail Jeff Brenner ( indicating your interest. You must also provide us with the following contact information:

a.    Name of the potential referee

b.    Date of Birth and school grade

c.    Street Address, town, ZIP

d.    Home and cell phone numbers

e.    E-mail address(es)

f.    soccer playing status for this spring (i.e. BAYS, intramural, club, not playing)

3.      Acceptance is not ‘first come, first served’, as we seek diversity in age and other factors, but we need to hear from people within a couple of weeks. You may receive a phone call seeking further information about your likely availability and level of commitment.  We hope to inform people of their status at least a week before the clinic.

Jeff Brenner

NGS Referee Committee

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