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The Personal Mastery Intensive: a weekend workshop

You are invited to a really terrific workshop that my friend Linda Sanchez  helped to create on November 14 (evening) through 19.

It is offered by the Pathways Institute. She  took the same workshop in July and the experience transformed her relationship (which was her personal goal, not what everyone else there was seeking).  And she gained some startling insights into how other people perceive her.

It was such a valuable experience that she signed up for another course, which involves producing this next workshop.

institute pathways

What is the Personal Master Workshop?

It is an experiential program, with some eastern philosophy, a flow of exercises and activities, including meditation, to help you focus on what inspires and motivates you, and how to create what you long for in your life.  The practices are very much centered on your heart,and moving toward what we want to have in our lives.

If this resonates with you or piques your interest at all, please call Linda. She can help you enroll with a discount code valid through Wednesday, October 31.

Linda Sanches at 202-369-1456


Personal Mastery Intensive – Breakthrough

PMI is an extraordinary experience of breaking through limiting life patterns and unleashing the potential of the heart and the awakening of consciousness, and a rich authentic experience of being fully alive.

PMI is set up to produce fundamental shifts in perspective leading to full dynamic engagement in life.  Set up as an experiential learning laboratory, participants transform old patterns, awaken new possibilities and learn skills for living extraordinary lives.



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