Most Popular Baby Names of 2014 at Emerson Hospital

Most Popular Baby Names of 2014

Emerson Hospital’s Most Popular Baby Names of 2014
Mason and Emma Most Popular, Brooklyn and Emerson Receive Honorary Mentions

Most Popular Baby Names of 2014 at Emerson Hospital

In 2014, nearly 1,200 babies were born at Emerson Hospital in Concord, and their parents chose some very special names. According to BabyCenter, the country’s top parenting and pregnancy digital resource, the most popular baby names in 2014 were Jackson for a boy and Sophia for a girl. This year, the most popular names chosen by parents who delivered their babies at Emerson were Mason for a boy and Emma for a girl. Mason sits high at #6 on BabyCenter’s list, and Emma is #2 on the list.

An honorary mention for baby girl name goes to Brooklyn. Five Emerson parents chose the English name meaning “a small stream.” Brooklyn was also popular throughout the U.S., coming in at #33 on BabyCenter’s list.

While the top names at Emerson Hospital in 2014 reflect the most popular names across the country, Emerson parents have also proven to be very creative when it comes to names.

In 2014, Emerson saw a number of creative names for boys. Gehrig was one star-inspired name after Lou Gehrig, the famous baseball player. Other unique choices included Torin, from the Irish Gaelic meaning “chief”; Hobbes, from the German meaning “bright fame”; and Lewyn from the English meaning “beloved friend.”

Many girls born at Emerson in 2014 also received unique names. Aletheia and Leokadia, two of the most original girl names at Emerson in 2014, are of Greek origin. Aletheia means “truth,” and Leokadia means “bright and clear.” One baby girl was named Jurnee, a creative spelling of the name Journey. Another unique name  was Clodagh, an Irish name for a local female deity of the river Clody in Ireland.

In exciting news for staff and in keeping with the hospital’s history over the years, there were two baby “Emersons” born at Emerson in 2014: One boy and one girl. Originating as a boy’s name meaning “son of Emery,” Emerson has become a more common name for both boys and girls. The name Emerson took the #230 spot on BabyCenter’s 2014 list for boys and #159 on the list for girls. “In keeping with tradition, there will likely be at least a few babies named Emerson born at the hospital in 2015 — we’ll have to wait and see,” said Loretta Weaver.

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Photo caption: A few of the babies born recently at Emerson Hospital, each with special names.

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