KinetiCreations foosball

Upcycled Toy Invention Birthday Party for Kids

Science-Meets-Art Kids’ Birthday Party

Do you need a new birthday party idea for your kids? Something eco-friendly and creative? I just met the founders of KinetiCreations. Check out these toys kids make from upcycled materials!

KinetiCreations catapultsCatapults!!!

KinetiCreations Marble MazeMarble Maze!

KinetiCreations foosballFoosball!!

KinetiCreations shows kids that they have the ability and imagination to create ways of having fun themselves, using mostly recycled materials to build kinetic toys and games. Kids build and play with toys they invent.

KinetiCreations birthday party for kids Newton MA


This is a new local business developed by two experienced educators. For more information, please visit KinetiCreations for more information.

KinetiCreations birthday party for kids Newton MA

They also do birthday parties and private classes with prices ranging from $125-$250.

KinetiCreations birthday party for kids Newton MA

My kids would love this combination of invention, creativity and art!

Eileen Gagarin is a state certified K-12 art teacher and a local sculptor ( She has over a decade of experience teaching art to students of all ages. She has spent multiple summers volunteering as an art teacher in Latin America, teaches at various after school and adult education programs, and is an adjunct professor at Emmanuel College.

Matt Westling is an outdoor enthusiast and science dork with a history degree from Boston University.  He has worked for after-school programs and summer camps in Brookline, Newton and Dedham as well as non-profits in Boston and abroad for under-privileged children.

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