A Taste of the Wild with Chef Jody Adams

A Taste of the Wild with Chef Jody Adams

From Jody Adams:

As you know, I love few things more than food, travel and adventure.  In the past decade, I’ve led 8 culinary-focused bike trips to Italy and France.  To me, there’s  no better way to connect with people from different lands and cultures than around the stove and table.

A Taste of the Wild with Chef Jody Adams

When my friends  Judi and Rick, the owners of renowned, Thomson Safaris invited me to explore Tanzania from February 8-17, 2016, I jumped at the chance.  It will be a serious adventure, both in the kitchen and outside it.  Who wouldn’t say yes?

We’ll enjoy days full of wildlife sightings in the Serengeti and visits to a Maasai village and school. Cooking demonstrations by the Thomson Safaris culinary teams will be especially fascinating. They won’t just involve learning new recipes and savoring local ingredients: we’ll be roughing it in the kitchen, going back to basics in a way few of us have a chance to experience. Imagine cooking everything from a rich, meaty stew to a delectable cake in an oven with no temperature gauge, fueled only by coal. Cooking in a culture that’s still relatively untouched by the Western world means learning an entirely new set of skills which chefs often spend a lifetime trying to develop.

We’ll finish our journey with a hands-on class with me at Gibb’s Farm, a working coffee estate and farm.  At Gibb’s, we’ll have a chance to roam through the gardens, harvest our own vegetables, milk the cows, and head to the kitchen to make our own bread and cook a meal together.

I am thrilled about this trip.  Ken and I have never been to Tanzania, and we know that Thomson Safaris is going to give us an extraordinary range of experiences and all kinds of wonderful surprises.  I know it’s going to be amazing.  I hope you can join us.

Spots are limited, so if you are interested,  please contact Andrew Doherty at Thomson Safaris for more information:andrew@thomsonsafaris.com / 1-800-235-0289

Jody Adams


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