Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly

Volunteers Needed: Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly

Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly has had two very successful picnic luncheons so far this summer, and there is still one more remaining on the calendar. Thank you to all of the volunteers who have contributed your time and energy to make these special events possible. They are always a favorite among volunteers and elders alike.

We are looking forward to another great turnout for the final picnic in September!

Please mark your calendars for the following dates and let me know if you are available to volunteer! Volunteers needed!

July Brunch – Wednesday, July 24th, 10am – noon.

August Lunch – Saturday, Aug. 10th, noon – 2pm.

August Brunch – Wednesday, Aug. 21st, 10am – noon.

September Picnic – Saturday, Sept. 14th, noon – 2pm.

Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly

Scott Berry
Volunteer Coordinator
Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly


Food Pantry Donations Needed

Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly are in need of supplies for our Emergency Food Pantry. If you are interested in making a donation, we can use the following items:
soups, especially low-sodium (no cream based soups)
peanut butter
canned fruit in juice
baked beans
canned pastas
instant oatmeal
cold cereal
Donated items can be dropped off at our office in Jamaica Plain during the week, or during one of our weekend events (see dates listed above). Also, if you are interested in organizing a food drive of your own, we can arrange to pick up donated items. If you have any questions regarding the Food Pantry, please contact Rene at 617-524-8882 or
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