Youth Rowing Open House

Youth Rowing Open House

Event: Youth Rowing Open House
Place: CRI (Harry Parker Boathouse)
Date: Monday, February 29th, 2016
Time: 4:30 – 6:30pm (drop-in anytime)
Youth Rowing Open House

Note: we will host our first-ever Youth Rowing Open House.  You might ask … what the heck is a “youth rowing open house?”  🙂
Event Outline (i.e. The low-down)
It’s an event in which any/all young, growing, athletic boys & girls, and their families, can see rowing up close & test their fitness in our Erg Challenge!  Your friends & their families can:

  • learn about rowing at CRI
  • tour the Harry Parker Boathouse
  • meet our extraordinary coaches
  • meet other successful rowers
  • and get a sense of CRI’s community

As many of you already know… CRI is a special place!  And rowing may change the lives of those who join us on this fantastic journey!

What is our aim?

We seek to spread the word about CRI and to introduce our rowing community to the greater public.   We intend to communicate that CRI is a place where young people have access to new and great experiences, great athletic development, grounded community, and honestly … many amazing things happen at CRI!
Who should attend?
Any of your friends (especially those whom you think might make great rowers at CRI).  We openly welcome all prospective rowers, and their families for an afternoon of ignition, discovery, challenge, and fun!

How do you get your friends involved?  What can you do now?  How can folks register for this event?
  • For Athletes (yes, that’s YOU goofball):
Talk to your friends tomorrow at school!  Spread the word on Facebook.  Get psyched to get your friends on-board & tell them about this awesome opportunity!  We can get faster and faster with great team members, and you can win lots of medals! 🙂  Then, sign-up your friends by using this sign-up link:

  • For Parents (a simpler message):
If you have neighbors and friends in your circles who have 8th, 9th and 10th grade kids, and you imagine that they might enjoy being a part of our community at CRI, please invite them to join us for our inaugural Open House on Monday, Feb., 29th.
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