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A Fairly Comprehensive List of Birthday Party Locations in and around Newton UPDATED

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Birthday party planning need not be daunting. Here are lots of ideas for your child’s birthday! Did I miss any? Please let me know and I’ll add to the list!

p.s. More ideas here from Boston Central.

10. Private Baby Animal Petting Zoo. Barn Babies. This particular petting zoo was pretty amazing. We hired them twice for birthday parties (2 of my kids), and they visited my preschool twice. What is amazing about them is that they have enough baby animals — bunnies, kittens, puppies, goat, chicks, ducklings, pig — so that every child can hold a swaddled baby animal for as long as they like. When they want to switch animals, another one gets placed into their arms. The kittens, puppies, and bunnies are eventually adopted but I hate to ask what happens to the chicks, ducklings, goat and pig. The baby goat has a Depends diaper on and a child can walk it around on a leash. They can do parties indoors or out. They don’t advertise but you’d be wise to book early as they get booked up fast. They are based on the Cape.

9. TrampolineLaunch Trampoline Park in Watertown. This is a new franchise that came our way last year and has become hugely popular. Headcount on each gigantic trampoline is closely monitored.

8. Trapeze. My oldest went to this party and had a blast even though she says she is scared of heights. My middle child is booking this for her next birthday. I hope I don’t have to do it!

7. Go Diego Go! home party. I did an elaborate Diego themed home party that took me 6 weeks to plan. I wrote it up and submitted to a Birthday Party site but now I can’t locate it. I printed out coloring sheets from Diego website and stapled it into on side of a blue file folder as a “Field Journal.” I also made a drawing of a keyboard and stapled that on the other side. I got Beenie Babies that matched the footprints and made a scavenger hunt out of that by putting footprints all over the house and backyard. The kids decorated paper towel rolls to make Spy Glasses. They used their Spy Glasses for the scavenger hunt. I hired Barn Babies as entertainment. The final stop was an extra basket of Beenie Babies for trading in case the Beenie Baby you found was not the one you wanted. The kids were only three.

6. Cookie decoratingCookies by Design. This was the first time we had done this and my middle daughter chose this for her last birthday but it can easily be done at home. The kids had premixed sugar cookie dough to roll out and cut cookies. This was actually the most popular station. They also got colored bags of icing and decorated a plate of baked cookies. Finally, they decorated an apron using fabric markers.

5. Laser tag. This was a popular birthday party that is now a little passé though kids always seem to have fun playing laser tag. We just discovered the Mother Lode of Laser Tag locations, called Laser Quest, that has multiple floors of Laser Tag mazes. It’s in West Roxbury but it’s worth the drive!

4. Jewelry party. Home and at bead store (our two local bead stores are out of business). I did this party at home using stretchy string from the bead store. Each little girl and their mother strung a necklace and a bracelet. I think I tried this party for preschoolers which was a tad too young. I needed other activities like coloring sheets and games because the kids were either really fast at making the crafts or easily bored. My oldest went to a bead store for a birthday party at 5th grade and all the girls made beautiful necklaces. Some did not finish in the time allotted due to intricate designs.

3. Pseudo sky diving. My Mom Friend Julie’s son did this as a Middle Schooler. She said that all the boys LOVED it. The pseudo sky diving using some kind of gigantic fan to create a wind tunnel capable of suspending a person in the air to simulate sky diving. That’s my kind of sky diving: the safe kind.

2. Aquarium. On or off site. Both parties have been hits. We had a party at the Aquarium one year for my oldest when she was in preschool that, unfortunately, coincided with a gigantic snowstorm. Nevertheless, most of the guests made it to the Aquarium for the party. They do a great job letting kids touch sea creatures and it’s also educational! Our aquarium takes the show on the road and will travel to your birthday site. We went to a party that hired them and was also fabulous!

1. CookingCreate A Cook. We have a cooking school for kids in town, but this can easily be done at home. The parties usually have a food theme with each child making about three items that they can bring home to share. I love that my child is learning to cook. Themes can be anything from breakfast, Thai, Japanese and Italian. And it’s not just for girls. Boys, as it turns out, love the hands on “making stuff” aspect.

Here are more party ideas that we’ve attended or hosted. I hope it helps you plan the perfect party for your child!

Bowling, karate (Giroux Brothers Martial Arts, Esposito’s, Masters of Karate), gymnastics (My Gym, Energy Fitness and Gymnastics, Exxcel) , Museum of Natural History, paint pottery/plastervideo game/Chuckie E Cheesesewingknitting, paint ball, swimming (make sure to have plenty of lifeguards!), sleepover, ice skating, snow tubing, ice cream party at parlour (Coney Island, Lizzies, Cabots), Mad Scientist, magician, Puppet theatermoviemini golf, old fashioned games at home (pass the shoe, scavenger piñata, etc), soccer games, rock climbing (also at BU), dress up (renting a dress up trunk), water slide/bouncy house, water park, farm, sports at YMCATOMBart/ceramics at art school, dance at dance studio (All That Jazz), dance party at home, hip hop dance party, sewing party, Game Truck. There’s a second sewing studio in Newton. Boxing birthday parties at Nonantum Boxing Club. Escape the Room in Boston for an interactive game party where the group has to solve puzzles to escape the room. Boda Borg is a fun puzzle solving multi-room gaming party too.

We just tried an archery birthday party at Bay State Archery and it was really fun. It’s in Norwood. Jump On In has been really popular with kids ages 6 through 9. My boxing gym will do birthday parties. Any kind of sports games party at your location/local park or at YMCAJump’n’Slide Center just opened in Wells Avenue; they have activities including arcade castle, huge inflatables, Laser Maze, Cannonball Shooting range, Lego room, make crafts:

Durant-Kenrick House & Grounds of Historic Newton birthday parties for kids

  • Make a working, punched tin lantern and punched tin art
  • Weave friendship bracelets and bookmarks
  • Craft a journal or diary

at Durant-Kenrick House & Grounds of Historic Newton.


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  1. “Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.” ~ John Lennon

  2. Don’t forget a movie at the West Newton Cinema ( You can bring your own dvd and each child gets a drink and popcorn. Our go-to for years for our family was The Kids’ Place ( or Energy Fitness and Gymnastics (

  3. Tanya Gallagher says:

    Check out Jammin’ With You! in wellesley, on the newton line on rte 16, for a fun and interactive music party! amazing musicians lead the way and the kids always follow. My 4 year old daughter and her friends had a blast!

  4. Molly Reinero says:

    These party spots all look fantastic–what a great list! Please also consider Imagine: A Center for Community and the Arts in Cambridge, MA. We have private rooms that can accommodate parties of up to 45 people. Our large shared play space includes a bounce house, ball pit, dance floor, library, art area, rice table, and countless toys of all shapes and sizes. Find out more at–events.html, or email us at We look forward to hosting your party!

    • Pragmatic Mom says:

      Thanks for the heads up on A Center for Community and the Arts in Cambridge Molly! It sounds great as a party destination for kids.

  5. Sam says:

    Here at Jump n’ Slide we have a large array of activities that your birthday kids can choose to enjoy with their guests. The activities cater to a wide range of excitement levels. We offer laser maze, bounce houses, an arcade and more. We are passionate about throwing amazing and memorable birthday parties, so Give us a call to book your child’s party today.
    Inflatable park, Cannonball shooting range, Arcade, Laser Maze, Build a Bear, Magic Kingdom and much more. B-Day Parties and Walk Ins are welcome!

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