Strength Training at Community Rowing

Yoga Strength Training at Community Rowing

Strength Yoga at Community Rowing: A Cross Training Tool for Everyone!

Strength Training at Community Rowing  


vis: force, power, strength, might
Yogathe stilling of the turbulent mind, achieving balance between body, mind and spirit.
Combined the two and you have visYoga™:  An ever-evolving physical conditioning system that incorporates the principles of Ashtanga Yoga, body mechanics and kinesiology found in martial arts and in personal training techniques such as isometrics, stretching and relaxation.
Classes are 75 minutes of muscle-pumping, lung-expanding, fun-ridden training of the body while letting go of every-day worries and concerns.

Every visYoga class is a unique experience. The practice never allows the body or the mind to get used to a set sequence or routine so that you plateau. visYoga always forces you to remain engaged and present in the moment.


All are welcome to experience this fantastic class.

Offered Monday & Wednesdays 7:30-8:45pm


Drop in or Sign Up Here

For information contact visYoga™ founder Essdras M Suarez 617 838 7662. Available for group and private classes.

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